Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) Counselling

Weight loss surgery (WLS) often known as bariatric surgery, is a life changing procedure. WLS patients will have usually tried everything, WLS surgery is their final chance.

Very often however for a variety of reasons candidates for WLS have struggled with food, weight, diet for many years.

Disordered eating, eating disorders are more frequently seen in WLS patients, neurodiversity is often seen at higher levels in eating disordered, or disordered eating individuals. All have usually experienced a high level of weight stigma and judgment along the way, some constantly throughout their lives.

Shame and guilt are also persistently present. Internalisation of weight stigma is thought to be very important in the success of weigh management.

My counselling for bariatric surgery with the neurodiverse client in mind provided by NEDDE, provided me with specific insight, knowledge and information to enable me to apply my therapeutic skills to provide non-judgemental counselling & psychotherapy to patients at all stages of the bariatric process.

My belief based on experience and training is that weight, shape, body image struggles are never your fault, they are a combination of many factors including genetics and environment.

I provide therapy to help unravel your relationship with food, weight, body image, identifying and recognising the factors contributing to and maintaining your struggle.

Therapy includes a nutritional component working to give you the best chance to become nourished, informed and increase your quality of life.

Although I am not a nutritionist when appropriate I can provide guidance as well as referral to qualified non-judgmental nutritionists who understand eating disorders, disordered eating and weight loss surgery.

NEDDE Neurodiversity, Eating Disorders & Disordered eating are an innovative, exciting new company offering training in specialised fields of eating disorders.

They particularly recognise the needs of neurodiverse individuals. https://www.neddetraining.co.uk/about

Bank transfer and PayPal possible in advance – details on request.

Cancellations: I have a 48 hour cancellation period, cancellation within this period is usually subject to payment in full.